Best Niche for Blogging with Low Competition with Case Studies [Researched]

What is the best niche for blogging with low competition to make the most money?

I mean, we can write about all sorts of things: AI SoftwareOutdoor Gadgets and GearSmart Home DevicesComputersTechnology — the list goes on.

So, if people can buy a product online, you can start blogging about it to be an affiliate and make a cut of every sale.

In this article, I’ve listed the most profitable blogging niches based on research to make money online in 2024.

1. Outdoor Niche

Let’s dive into the Outdoor Niche for blogging.

It’s an exciting area, especially if you enjoy activities like campinghiking, or simply spending time outdoors.

Writing about outdoor adventures attracts a lot of readers, giving you a good chance to stand out and earn by reviewing and recommending products related to CampingHikingSnowshoeing, and more.

Opportunities in Hiking Niche

For instance, let’s focus on the Hiking niche. There are significant opportunities waiting to be tapped into.

Outdoor Niche - Keyword Research - Best Hiking

In the keyword research I’ve conducted, it’s evident that many people are searching for the best hiking products.

Surprisingly, several keywords have a high search volume but low Keyword Difficulty (KD), ranging from 0 to 14 according to SEMRush.

This means ranking for these keywords is relatively easy.

Pro Tip: Content Strategy

It’s essential not only to target commercial keywords but also to create informational content around them. This strategy helps build topical authority for your website and attracts substantial search traffic.

Case Study: Mountains With Megan

Take, for example, the niche outdoor travel blog, Mountains With Megan.

Outdoor Niche - Case Study - Mountains with Megan

This blog ranks at the top of Google’s search results for the keyword “best hiking bra.”

Website Insights

Domain Overview - Outdoor Niche

Despite having a low domain authority (12) and only 398 backlinks from 146 domainsMountains With Megan attracts 899 organic search traffic.

This website shows the power of proper keyword research and utilizing low-hanging opportunities.

In summary, the Outdoor Niche presents excellent opportunities for bloggers to make money with relatively low competition.

By leveraging effective keyword research and content strategy, you can carve out a successful blogging career in this niche.

2. Home niche

Next up, let’s chat about the Home Niche.

This is all about turning a house into a home.

Think about it — everyone wants their place to feel cozy, stylish, or whatever vibes they’re into.

From DIY decorations to smart home tech, there’s a ton to dive into.

And the best part?

People are always looking for new ideas and products to spruce up their living spaces, which means there are opportunities for you and I to create content around these ideas and products and get our fair share.

Example Insights

Keyword Research by Semrush for Home niche

If we look into the keyword “best mattress” and narrow down the Keyword Difficulty (KD) to 1-14, we’ll find numerous opportunities to rank for related keywords.

These are all commercial intent keywords, indicating that people are seeking recommendations before making a purchase.

Case Study: The Fat Girls Guide

Google Search Result Screenshot for best mattresses for fat people

Consider The Fat Girls Guide, a blogging website focused on catering to the needs of plus-sized individuals.

This site ranks second for the keyword “best mattresses for fat people.”

Website Insights

Domain Overview - Home Niche

Despite having a respectable domain authority and a decent number of backlinks, The Fat Girls Guide has a remarkably low Page Authority Score of 6 with only 1 backlink.

SERP Analysis - Home Niche - The Fat Girls Guide

This suggests that there’s still ample opportunity for us to position ourselves favorably in this space.

3. Fitness niche

Now, let’s jump into the Fitness Niche.

This one’s all about helping people get fit, stay healthy, or find new ways to challenge their bodies.

It’s huge because, well, who doesn’t want to feel good in their skin?

From workout plans to nutrition advice, there’s a massive audience out there hungry for tips on living a healthier life.

Fitness niche is still not that saturated, as you might think.

Example Insights

Keyword Research - Fitness Niche

Consider the keyword “best protein powder.”

While it may seem saturated, there are still numerous variations of these keywords where we can establish our presence and excel, just like the following website has done.

Case Study: Vegan Protein Powder Blog

Take, for instance, a blog specializing in vegan protein powder.

This blog ranks for several low-competition keywords related to protein powder.

Fitness Niche - Vegan Protein Powder Blog Ranking Second

For instance, it holds the second position for the keyword “best gluten and dairy-free protein powder.”

Website Insights

Domain Overview for Vegan Protein Powder

Despite having a respectable number of backlinks and a moderate domain authority, this blog attracts a significant amount of traffic.

Secret to Success

SERP Analysis - Vegan Protein Powder

What’s even more surprising is that this blog ranks at the top for certain keywords without significant Page Authority or Backlinks to the page.

In summary, the fitness niche presents ample opportunities for bloggers to make their mark.

By targeting specific keywords and delivering valuable content, even newcomers can achieve considerable success in this thriving niche.

4. Fishing niche

Now, let’s cast a line into the Fishing Niche.

This niche is all about the art and science of fishing – whether it’s for relaxation, sport, or a bit of both.

From the best fishing rods for beginners to the secrets of catching the big one, there’s a sea of topics to cover.

And the cool part?

There’s always a wave of folks looking for the latest tips, gear reviews, and fishing hotspots.

If you’re an angler yourself and fishing is a hobby you enjoy, you should definitely consider diving into this niche.

There are plenty of opportunities waiting to be seized.

Example Insights

Keyword Research - Fishing Niche

In this niche, there are numerous high-volume, low-competition keywords ripe for the taking.

It’s crucial to capitalize on these opportunities before others beat you to it.

Case Study: Top Gear Best Fisher

Consider Top Gear Best Fisher, a website specializing in fishing gear reviews and how-to guides.

Google SERP results for which keyword Top Gear Best Fisher is ranked for

This site ranks at the top of Google’s search results for the keyword “best crappie fishing reels.”

Surprising Success

What’s most surprising is that despite being relatively new, this website is fully capitalizing on the low competition within the fishing niche.

In summary, the fishing niche offers a wealth of opportunities for bloggers, especially those passionate about angling.

By targeting specific keywords and delivering valuable content, even newcomers can make a splash in this thriving niche.

5. SaaS niche

Let’s dive into the SaaS (Software as a Service) Niche.

This one’s all about those online tools and software that help businesses and individuals work smarter, not harder.

From project management tools to marketing automation, the world of SaaS is booming.

And here’s the kicker: while it may seem like a tech-heavy topic, there’s a huge audience out there looking for the best software solutions to their problems.

The SaaS niche is highly dominated by media sites and SaaS websites themselves.

Yet though an expert analysis and research you can find new and emerging opportunity.

Uncovering Opportunities

Take, for example, the keyword research conducted in the SaaS niche.

Keyword Research - SaaS Niche

Despite the dominance of established players, there are still untapped areas waiting to be explored and capitalized on.

In summary, the SaaS niche presents ample opportunities for bloggers willing to dive deep and uncover hidden gems.

By identifying niche topics and delivering valuable content, even newcomers can carve out their space in this thriving industry.

6. Finance niche

Moving on to the Finance Niche. This is all about money — saving it, making it, investing it, you name it.

Everybody wants to get their finances in shape, whether it’s budgeting better, finding smart investment strategies, or figuring out how to save for a dream vacation.

There’s a ton of interest in this area, making it a prime spot for bloggers.

Navigating the Finance Landscape

It’s important to note that the finance niche can be quite challenging to break into.

However, with careful analysis and exploration, opportunities can still be found.

Uncovering Opportunities

For instance, consider the keyword research conducted in the finance niche.

Keyword Research - Finance Niche

Despite its competitiveness, there are still areas where bloggers can position themselves and thrive.

In summary, the finance niche offers a wealth of opportunities for bloggers willing to navigate its complexities.

By identifying niche topics and delivering valuable content, even newcomers can find success in this lucrative field.

7. Insurance niche

Lastly, let’s talk about the Insurance Niche.

Insurance might not sound as flashy as tech gadgets or as adventurous as outdoor activities, but hear me out.

It’s something everyone needs but not everyone understands.

Whether it’s life insurance, car insurance, or home insurance, people are always looking for advice on what to choose, how to save money, and understanding what they’re buying.

Understanding the Challenge

One thing to note about the insurance niche is that it requires a high pain tolerance.

While there are opportunities to make money, it’s often difficult to find low-competition keywords.

Navigating the Landscape

Even when opportunities arise, you may find that they’re often dominated by high-authority sites.

This reflects the seriousness of the topic; discussions about people’s hard-earned money shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In summary, the insurance niche presents unique challenges for bloggers.

However, by understanding the landscape and providing valuable insights, bloggers can still find success in this important field.

Final Thought

There are always opportunities in every niche.

When we think about the best niche or category, they’re not fixed; they change over time.

Search volumes fluctuate, and new products emerge in every niche.

The key is to find niches with low competition where you can write and monetize many articles.

Start with a broader niche, publish content, and refine your niche over time.

Look for new and emerging topics in your niche that aren’t too competitive.

Timing is crucial in affiliate marketing.

Getting in early and writing content before others do is essential.

What do you think?

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